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Dress yourself with pure essence.

Casual &
Femenine Elegance

JUMPSUIT 1223 DAKAR C16C CC300 (3).jpg
BLOUSE 1224 DELHI C16C CC300.jpg

Asymmetry Fiercely Trendy



AMS PURE is based on the purest essence of the clothing, featuring carefully worked and well-defined designs that bring us close to innovation and modernity.

Collections are based on knitwear; its precise, sheer and avant-garde lines predominate and take us towards a contemporary and cosmopolitan style. The selected fabrics and materials used are of the highest quality and shape the garment, providing it with strength and authenticity.

TROUSERS 1244 LUSAKA C56R CC500 (2).jpg
TOP 1238 LISBOA C56R CC500 (6).jpg
TOP 1216 BERLIN C90F (3).jpg
DRESS 1226 DOHA C90C CC300 (2).jpg
DRESS 1226 DOHA C90C CC300 (2)

Urban Simplicity

DRESS 1232 JARTUM C16A (2).jpg
TOP 1242 LUANDA C76R CC500 (2).jpg

Our palette is composed of neutral and discrete hues combined with occasional touches of color.

With the aim of creating a timeless garment, AMS PURE offers a trendy, cool and versatile collection that can be worn all year round. Contemporary "sport-chic" goes hand-in-hand with high doses of elegance and originality.

Image by James Eades
BLOUSE 1209 ATENAS C3745 CC200.jpg

Balanced Fabrics

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